Data breaches can be devastating to a business, regardless of size. Both large and small businesses will suffer reputation and brand damage as well as lost productivity and lost revenue.


  • 39% of small business owners don't think a breach would impact their business
  • 27% of small business owners believe a breach would cost them money to notify their customers and employees
  • 31% of data breaches investigated in 2012 were from organizations with fewer than 100 employees
  • 66% of data breaches investigated weren't discovered for months or even years
  • $201 - The average cost of a data breach per record in the United States (2014 Ponemon Institute Study)
  • 46 - The number of states which currently require proper notification of impacted parties should an organization experience a data breach of protected information.
  • The increased use of mobile devices that are capable of storing large amounts of data becomes an even greater risk for data breach due to lost or stolen devices.
  • 55% of the data breaches studied (2013 Verizon Business Risk Data Breach Investigations Report) were premiditated crimes by sophisticated criminals
  • 48% of the 47,000 security incidents studied (2013 Verizon Business Risk Data Breach Investigations Report) were attributed to employee errors


Indentity Risk Facts**:

  • One out of every 300 emails sent in 2011 were malicious.
  • More than 50% of phishing emails in 2011 were targeted at online bank users
  • Two out of every ten cyber attacks are targeted at users of social networking sites.
  • Every minute 232 computers are infected with malware.

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